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Posted by Susan Block on Nov 29, 2016 8:52:51 AM

Socialize with your target audience(s) using LinkedIn strategies.

iStock-458563697.jpg“Engaging with like-minded people can be very productive, whether it’s clients or centers of influence. Advisors who socialize with their affluent clients have an 86% likelihood of that client agreeing to personally introduce them to someone in their sphere of influence.”
Oeschli Institute
, 2013

Social media is an effective way to engage and socialize online with clients, prospects and centers of influence.  Here are a few easy actions you can take to put LinkedIn to work for you and your team:

  1. Select “Follow” on a user’s profile to follow the status and network updates of prospects, centers of influence, and other individuals you are not yet connected to on LinkedIn.
  1. If a center of influence shares an article or update that is interesting, click “Share” to share the article with your LinkedIn network
  1. Used the advanced search feature to identify valuable centers of influence to connect with on LinkedIn.
  1. Join local LinkedIn groups that are communities for your centers of influence.
  1. Write or post content on your website and use LinkedIn to share with your target audiences. This drives traffic to your website and helps boost your SEO rankings.

Startlinkedin.png today! Create a plan and execute a LinkedIn content strategy that will get you in front of the right audience(s). Remember, if it’s not written down it’s not a plan.

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