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Posted by Susan Block on Feb 21, 2017 11:12:17 AM

Your target audience has questions. Provide answers with valuable website content.

Let's face it, we can't deny how much we use the Internet to find answers to our questions. In fact, Google search receives 3.5 billion searches per day. Chances are your key prospects are searching for content on the web to help answer their wealth management or investment concerns. Your goal is to have your website come up on these Google searches featuring your firm's valuable insight, reports, whitepapers or ebooks.


How can you find out the questions your prospects are asking? Tools such as HubSpot's Keyword Search or the Moz Pro Keyword Explorer help identify popular keywords and analyze how your website ranks for them. Another way to research popular content ideas is to ask your team to keep a running list of the types of questions clients and prospects are asking during meetings or telephone calls. This list then can inform your content creation strategy so you're writing about themes most important to your target audience. 

Yes, content development takes time. But having a process and strategy for developing key pieces of content will help your team prioritize content development efforts and stick to a schedule. Try out a few content marketing ideas below to drive website traffic, share thought leadership content, engage clients and prospects and keep visitors coming back for more. 

  1. CREATE AN ONGOING SERIES   Try establishing "series" of articles on a related topic. If gaining financial clarity and reducing complexity is a popular audience concern, try writing series such as Cleaning Out Your Financial Closet. Part 1-5.   

  2. CONDUCT AN INTERVIEW   One of the best methods of creating content is to interview one of the members of your team about how they've solved a  problem for a client.  Conduct the interview similar to a news reporter and be sure to ask open-ended questions. It's best to record the "interview" so you can go back, extract the important concepts and quotes and turn it into a valuable eBook, whitepaper or article of interest.

  3. INVITE A GUEST TO POST   Ask someone from your community or office to share their expertise.  Consider making this a regular event and put a process in place to seek out valuable contributors with content that will delight your audiences.  Are there experts in your local market who are willing to share already existing content?  

  4. USE  VISUALS   Including visuals in your articles, posts, landing pages and emails creates greater engagement and helps convert visitors into leads. If you don't have your own graphic designer or you're on a budget, check out online tools like Pktochart to create effective professional images. Creating charts and infographics to accompany your text makes the content more easily digestible.  

  5. CREATE A VIDEO OR AUDIO PRESENTATION   Video is a powerful digital marketing strategey and a great way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition and build online relationships. In fact, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. If you don't have the budget for professionally produced videos, consider creating a great looking PowerPoint deck and recording narration on each of the slides.  Watch this video to see how easily this can be done right from your desktop. 

Get started today on your content marketing efforts.  For more ideas on digital marketing strategies, see our post on Promoting Your Thought Leadship on LinkedIn

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