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Posted by Susan Block on Mar 16, 2017 11:09:41 AM

Is your firm getting enough from your website? Consider a website refresh adding these key website features to turn your site into your firm's "marketing hub."

  1. Tell a compelling and differentiated firm story
    Be sure your firm story is well thought out and concisely told. Prospects want to know the benefits of working with you and your team. Call out your competitive differentiators and tell the reader how you add value. Make sure your text includes some specific, long tail keywords that prospects may be using in their native searches. 
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  2. Target your team's key personas
    It's important that visitors to your site know you are an expert at solving their financial challenges. Construct pages that speak to your audiences' needs and use navigation to drive visitors to these pages. Remember to keep the copy lightweight and easy to skim or read. 

  3. Use an engaging photo on your website's home page   
    After viewing your website, a visitor forms an impression of your firm in less than two seconds. That's why great imagery and content on your home page is so essential. When developing a theme, choose one that complements what you do. Make sure to include a strong headline and/or tagline and keep the top navigation simple so it's easy for visitors to click and find more in-depth information. Does your firm need a tagline?

  4. Invest in professional photography for your team's headshots
    Using a great team photo and individual head shots makes your site more personal. Invest in hiring a quality photographer and take time to do a professional photo shoot. Your visitors want to see the faces of the people behind the business.

  5. Showcase you expertise
    Ensure your firm's expertise shines through. You can establish your firm as a thought leader in your industry by publishing valuable content online and optimizing your website so the information can be found. Consider building a Resource Center or Thought Leadership Library on your website to house relevant articles, presentations, and SlideShares.  

  6. Add a few Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons
    Allow your website visitors to engage with your website.  Add a few call to action buttons including a request for a white paper to learn more, get an article or simply schedule a complimentary portfolio review. Visitors are looking for information, so offer up useful content in exchange for their email address. Read 
    more about CTAs

Once you have a prospect's email, they'll be at the top of your "marketing funnel" and you can begin implementing your marketing strategies to nurture and convert these leads. 

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